Stopmotion user manual

Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Bjoern Erik Nilsen

Sunday, 14 April 2005

Table of Contents
1. What is Stopmotion? Where can I get it?
2. Getting started
3. Adding pictures
4. Running/previewing the animation
5. Using Stopmotion with your webcamera
6. Changing the import settings
7. Adding sound
8. Exporting to video
9. Using Stopmotion together with other programs.
10. Getting access to the image files in your animation.
11. Shortcut keys
12. Troubleshooting
12.1. The program tells me it can't import images

1. What is Stopmotion? Where can I get it?

Stopmotion is a program for creating stop motion animation movies from pictures you already have on your harddrive and from pictures you import live from a webcamera.

A stop motion animation is an animation which is built by taking many pictures of some object while moving it a little between each picture. When these pictures are run you get an animation.

You can download the lates version of Stopmotion from the Stopmotion webpage.