11. Shortcut keys

Table 1. General shortcuts

Ctrl-N Creates a New project.
Ctrl-O Opens an excisting project.
Ctrl-S Saves the project.
Ctrl-Shift-S Saves the project as.
Ctrl-Alt-V Opens a dialog to export the project as video.
Ctrl-Alt-C Opens a dialog to export the project as a Cinerella project.
Ctrl-Q Quits the application.
Ctrl-Z Undoes the last action.
Ctrl-Shift-Z Redoes the last undo.
Ctrl-X Cuts the selected frames out of the animation and places them on the global clipboard.
Ctrl-C Copies the selected frames to the global clipboard.
Ctrl-V Paste pictures from the global clipboard and add them to the animation after the selected frame.
Ctrl-G Brings up a menu where you can select a frame to jump to.
Ctrl-P Opens the import and export preferences menu.
Shift-F1 Gives you a whatsthis arrow for querying information about a user interface item.
Ctrl-F Add one or several frames/pictures to the animation.
Ctrl-E Create a new scene
Delete Deletes the selected frames.
Shift-Delete Deletes the selected scene.
A Selects all the frames in the opened scene.

Table 2. Play shortcuts

P, K Play the animation.
Right, L Go to the next frame.
Left, J Go to the previous frame.
O Go to the next scene.
I Go to the previous scene.
Ctrl-L Toggle whether the animation should loop when playing.

Table 3. Camera shortcuts

C Start the camera.
Space Capture a frame from the camera video stream.
1 Switch to image mixing/onionskinning mode.
2 Switch to image differentation mode.
3 Switch to playback mode.