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RunAnimationHandler Class Reference

#include <runanimationhandler.h>

List of all members.

Public Slots

void toggleRunning ()
void runAnimation ()
void stopAnimation ()
void pauseAnimation ()
void selectPreviousFrame ()
void selectNextFrame ()
void selectPreviousScene ()
void selectNextScene ()
void setSpeed (int fps)
void toggleLooping ()

Public Member Functions

 RunAnimationHandler (QObject *parent=0, QStatusBar *sb=0, const char *name=0)
void setPlayButton (QPushButton *playButton)
void setRemoveFramesButton (QPushButton *removeFramesButton)
void setLoopButton (QPushButton *loopButton)
void setPauseButton (QPushButton *pauseButton)

Detailed Description

Handles the running of the animation as a sequence of pictures. This is implemented as a timer trigger, to to make it easyer to time the fps and, more importantly, to avoid threads.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RunAnimationHandler::RunAnimationHandler QObject *  parent = 0,
QStatusBar *  sb = 0,
const char *  name = 0

Creates the RunAnimationHandler and initializes the member fields.

parent the parent of this QOject.
sb the statusBar for displaying information to the user
name the name of this QObject

Member Function Documentation

void RunAnimationHandler::pauseAnimation  )  [slot]

Freezes the running of the animation.

void RunAnimationHandler::runAnimation  )  [slot]

Runs the animation as a sequence of pictures triggered by a timer

void RunAnimationHandler::selectNextFrame  )  [slot]

Selects the next frame.

void RunAnimationHandler::selectNextScene  )  [slot]

Selects the next scene.

void RunAnimationHandler::selectPreviousFrame  )  [slot]

Selects the previous frame.

void RunAnimationHandler::selectPreviousScene  )  [slot]

Selects the previous scene.

void RunAnimationHandler::setLoopButton QPushButton *  loopButton  ) 

Sets the loop button.

loopButton the button to be used as loop button

void RunAnimationHandler::setPauseButton QPushButton *  pauseButton  ) 

Sets the pause button.

pauseButton the button to be used as pause button

void RunAnimationHandler::setPlayButton QPushButton *  playButton  ) 

Stores the playButton so that it can be toggled

playButton the button which starts and stops the animation running. This is needed for toggling the button states.

void RunAnimationHandler::setRemoveFramesButton QPushButton *  removeFramesButton  ) 

Stores the removeFramesButton so that it can be deactivated as needed.

removeFramesButton the button for removing frames. This is needed for canceling this while running the animations to avoid system crash :D

void RunAnimationHandler::setSpeed int  fps  )  [slot]

Sets the speed of the animation in frames per seccond

fps the number of frames per second the animation will run at.

void RunAnimationHandler::stopAnimation  )  [slot]

Stops the running of the animation.

void RunAnimationHandler::toggleLooping  )  [slot]

Toggles between looping the animation when it is running and closing it when it reaches the end.

void RunAnimationHandler::toggleRunning  )  [slot]

Starts the animation if it isn't playing and stops it if it is.

This function is provided for ease of use with keyaccelerators.

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