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ProjectSerializer Class Reference

#include <projectserializer.h>

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Public Member Functions

const vector< Scene * > open (const char *filename)
bool save (const char *filename, const vector< Scene * > &scenes, Frontend *frontend)
const char * getProjectFile ()
const char * getProjectPath ()
const char * getImagePath ()
void cleanup ()

Detailed Description

Class for serializing the project. It creates differents directories containing the files belonging to the current project. Finally everything is packed in a tarball.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad.

Member Function Documentation

void ProjectSerializer::cleanup  ) 

Deletes unessecary files and pointers.

const char * ProjectSerializer::getImagePath  ) 

Retrieves the absolute image path. This is the path where the images can be found. (~/.stopmotion/packer/xxx/images)


const char * ProjectSerializer::getProjectFile  ) 

Retrieves the project file.

the project path if it exist, NULL otherwise

const char * ProjectSerializer::getProjectPath  ) 

Retrieves the absolute project path. This is the path where the files within the tarball are located. (~/.stopmotion/packer/xxx)

the project path if it exist, NULL otherwise

const vector< Scene * > ProjectSerializer::open const char *  filename  ) 

Creates necessary project paths and opens the project file.

filename the project file
a vector containing the scenes stored in the project file

bool ProjectSerializer::save const char *  filename,
const vector< Scene * > &  scenes,
Frontend frontend

Saves the files in differents directories and packs the resulting files in a tarball with the same name as 'filename' plus the '.sto' extension.

filename the project file to store the files within
scenes the scenes to be saved
frontend the frontend to display progress to
true if saving was successfull, false otherwise

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