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SmilNode Struct Reference

#include <control.h>

Data Fields

int optional
char * id
char * anchor
char * header
char * fragmentIdentifier
char * textpassage
char * audiofilename
char * audioStartPos
char * audioStopPos
char * image
SmilNode * next
SmilNode * prev

Detailed Description

Datastructure for keeping the information of the smilefiles, parsed from the ncc, using a linked list <a> <div> <span>

Definition at line 112 of file control.h.

Field Documentation

char* SmilNode::anchor

Definition at line 116 of file control.h.

char* SmilNode::audiofilename

Definition at line 120 of file control.h.

char* SmilNode::audioStartPos

Definition at line 121 of file control.h.

char* SmilNode::audioStopPos

Definition at line 122 of file control.h.

char* SmilNode::fragmentIdentifier

Definition at line 118 of file control.h.

char* SmilNode::header

Definition at line 117 of file control.h.

Referenced by daisy_get_chapter_info().

char* SmilNode::id

Definition at line 115 of file control.h.

char* SmilNode::image

Definition at line 123 of file control.h.

struct SmilNode* SmilNode::next

Definition at line 124 of file control.h.

Referenced by daisy_get_chapter_count(), daisy_get_chapter_info(), daisy_get_info(), daisy_get_position(), daisy_goto_position(), daisy_play(), and daisy_seek().

int SmilNode::optional

Definition at line 114 of file control.h.

struct SmilNode* SmilNode::prev

Definition at line 125 of file control.h.

char* SmilNode::textpassage

Definition at line 119 of file control.h.

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