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AudioDriver Class Reference

#include <audiodriver.h>

Inheritance diagram for AudioDriver:

OSSDriver List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void play ()=0
virtual void playInThread ()=0
virtual void addAudioFile (AudioFormat *audioFile)=0
virtual bool initialize ()=0
virtual void shutdown ()=0

Detailed Description

Interface to be used by the implemented sound drivers. They will be responsible for initializing of the sound device and flushing PCM data to this device.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Member Function Documentation

virtual void AudioDriver::addAudioFile AudioFormat audioFile  )  [pure virtual]

Abstract function for adding a audio file which later on can be played with the play or playInThread functions.

audioFile the audio file to be played

Implemented in OSSDriver.

virtual bool AudioDriver::initialize  )  [pure virtual]

Abstract function for initializing the registered audio device.

true on success, false otherwise

Implemented in OSSDriver.

virtual void AudioDriver::play  )  [pure virtual]

Abstract function for playing PCM data. The registered audio format takes care of decoding to raw PCM. This function will not free the CPU until the playing is finished. Use the playInThread function if you want to play the sound in a separate thread.

Implemented in OSSDriver.

virtual void AudioDriver::playInThread  )  [pure virtual]

Abstract function for playing PCM data. It works excactly like the play function except that it plays in a separate thread.

Implemented in OSSDriver.

virtual void AudioDriver::shutdown  )  [pure virtual]

Abstract function for freeing the audio device so that other programs can use it.

Implemented in OSSDriver.

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