Status update


This project have been dorment for too long now. But, hopefully, this will change. I have just checked in a new build system baset on automake, autoconf and libtool. I moved over the old libdaisy files and I've been able to build, install and use libdaisy. Hopefully, this will make the project more portable and help the process og creating distribution packages. As for future plans, I've been thinking about a rewrite for a long time. I will probably focus on cleaning up our existing libdaisy, though.

0.2.4 release


We have released a new version of the library and both the front-ends. The library is made much more stable and we have fixed some minor bugs in the front-ends.

Project presentation


Today we presented our project in K102 at Gjøvik University College.

Project report hand in


Today we got the report back from printing. We also signed the agreement, giving the schools library permission to use our report as they see fit. It was then time for handing in three signed copies of the report, each with an enclosed CD containing a copy of the project repository. If you are interested in reading our report, you can download it from the download section.

Project promotion poster


We have made a promotion poster for the presentation of the project.

Project report


The project report is finished, and today we handed it over to printing. Deadline for handing in the project report is 22. May. We now have to make a promotion poster for our project.

0.2.2 relase


New releases of daisygui and libdaisy is out. The libdaisy package now contains a man page version of the API documentation. The daisygui package is updated with support for bookmarking.

libdaisy API documentation


API documentation for libdaisy can now be found on the documentation page.

0.2.0 release


We have further improved and stabilized our library, and it now supports chapter and passage jumping. The daisyconsole shows how the library can be used to its maximum. New in this release is a gui front end which supports the main playback functionality. Further it has a navigation list where the user can navigate between the chapters, the current textpassage is shown in a textbrowser. The daisygui also supports internationalization, and we have so far two languages (norwegian and english).

libdaisy code documentation


Source code documentation for libdaisy can now be found here. The documentation for libdaisy.h describes the functions availible in the API and are probably the most interesting one.

0.1.0 is out!


In this release we have seperated the enginge from the ui. We have created a libdaisy library and a consolefrontend which have the same functionality as last time.

0.0.4 is out!


In this release we have made a simple console front end to test the functionality of our engine. With this test front end it's possible to play, pause, stop and seek through a Daisy book.

0.0.3 release


This release does not look like much of a update from the previous one. The updates for this release makes the code a lot more stable and resilient. Many bugs has been fixed and error handling is now much better. A partial implementation for parsing the Z39.86-2005 has been added and the audio handling part has been improved. We have started to implement support for more audio formats, but this is not supported in this release.

0.0.2 release


We had to start all over again, because GStreamer did not do what we wanted and xml parsing in Ruby was a bit slow. The code is now written in C. This release is a simple player that will play a Daisy 2.02 book from the start to the end. It does not have the proper error handling at this point and will die with segmention fault if the daisy book has any bad xml code or errors according to the standard. It only supports mp3 for audio playback at this point. This release is highly unstable, but we are finally getting somewhere. The next release should be a huge leap.

0.0.1 release


The first iteration period is over and we have made our first release. This release is just some code for testing xml parsing in Ruby and the use of GStreamer.

Pre-project finished


The pre-project phase is just about over, and we have finished the pre-project report. The pre-project report can be found here.

The website is up


The first layout of the webside is up and the project has started. The site is still under construction and therefore contains incomplete information at this point.