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Hi and welcome to the homepage for the Skolelinux backupproject. The project started in the middle of August (2003) and is to be finished November 28th same year. The detailed projectdescription is:

Find, evaluate and for the most relevant test available backupsolutions for Linux and adapt and document one of them for Skolelinux.

The projects only participator is:

Name: Morten Werner Olsen
Email: werner @ skolelinux.no
Homepage: http://home.nvg.org/~werner/
University: Dept. of computer and information science, NTNU
Field: System administration

Internal teaching supervisor (NTNU) is Anders Christensen.

External teaching supervisor (Skolelinux) is Frode Jemtland.


These documents are produced:

Software packages

Software packaged and implemented on the Skolelinux CD:

Morten Werner Olsen
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