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Project Background
This is a "main project" that every student at Gjøvik College (HIG) has to carry out in the last term of a three year long Bachelor of Computer Engineering education. It has a stipulated workload of 18 ECTS points. The project period is from January 2003 with a deadline at May 19.
"Skolelinux - user administration" is a part of the bigger Skolelinux project. Skolelinux is a project to create a Linux solution aimed at Norwegian schools.
Skolelinux is based on the Debian distribution of Linux. The Skolelinux distribution provide Norwegian user applications in the two Norwegian dialects, Nynorsk and Bokmål, and in the Sami language.
Because Skolelinux is a system that will be used by many different users, it also need a module for user administration. This is the main background for our project.

Project Goal
The main goal of the project is to improve administration features in Skolelinux.
To achive this we will improve a directory service. User names, passwords and home area is already implemented in the Skolelinux distribution, but the capability for user groups and printing quotas is missing. The administrators need a way to group user accounts into classes, students, teachers, and administrative users. Quotas for printing is also needed. Several services must support the improvements we make.
The directory service implemented in Skolelinux is OpenLDAP. OpenLDAP is a open scoure implementation of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Another important task is to make the directory service modificatons ready for implementation in the Skolelinux distribution.
A effect goal for us is to exploit and develop our competence in both the technical aspect and the aspect of being a part of a large system engineering project.