Building the Skolelinux CD

This document describes the process for the woody based CD, please look at sargebuilding for an update on how the Sarge CD is built

How the CD content is choosen

Here is a quick summary on how the CD build works at the moment. It is only a functional description without most of the technical details.

The CD is built by user 'root' every second hour on The packages are fetched from the Debian mirrors in /local/debian/ and from the Skolelinux APT sources in /local/ftp/skolelinux/dists/woody/local/binary-i386/non-official/ and /local/ftp/skolelinux/dists/sid/local/debian-installer/binary-i386/non-official/.

The build starts with the package lists in CVS, directory skolelinux/src/task-skolelinux/lists/*.txt. If a debian package is listed in one of these files, and is available in Debian/Woody or our APT source, it is added to the list of packages to include on the CD.

The list of packages to include on the CD do not contain version numbers. If a package from our APT source have a lower version number than a package in Debian/Woody, then the package will be included from Debian/Woody and not from our APT source. This happened once with our kde-i18n-* package before Gaute fixed the version number. We maintain a list of Skolelinux-packages from non-woody sources to document why we needed to extend Woody.

The building then preceeds automatically whilst user root run in his CVS-checked skolelinux/src/cronjobs. When the building completes the script will gather the names of all Debian-packages included on the first CD (which we call the Skolelinux-CD:), sorts this, then copies it over to the web-folders and checks it in there. An updated list of packages is available on the web together with a log from the latest build of CD's

The result is placed in The plan is that these test-CD's will be checked and moved over to when they function as planned.

How to build the CD-image

We use the Debians standard setup for building the installation-CD's, and adjust the placement of packages so that "our" packages are placed on the first installation-CD.

Here is a brief description of how to build a Skolelinux CD-image.


  • A complete Debian Woody (stable) mirror
  • Sufficient diskspace on the same partition as the mirror to create CD-images
  • A copy skolelinux/src/ from Skolelinux CVS

The procedure is automated by make. Parts of the building must be done user root (or other user with write-permission to the Debian-mirror). In skolelinux/src/ you execute 'make'. This job run for 35 minutes and produce CD-images in /local/ftp/debian-cd/.

Results from the latest build


Developers' Corner
Build Essentials
Developers Reference
Various APT sources
Testing FAQ
QA for base-pkg
QA for standard-pkg
QA for debian-installer
Release-critical bugs status
RC bug summary
Problems in Testing
Why is X not in testing yet?

Error reports

debian-edu related
Packages overview for debian-boot
Bugs tagged d-i

Debian Packages




Release notes
Open bugs
Progress overview
More on package lists
Setup info
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Developer info

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