3.6. Coyote Linux Command Line Login

You can now login using the command line, with the username root, and empty password, which is the only user available in Coyote Linux. The first thing you must do is to set the root password for your Coyote Linux[1]


If you don't set any password on your Coyote Linux, then anybody can gain access to it by going to the address


You must set the root password, also called the system password, immediately for Coyote Linux!

coyote login: root

This what you see when login to Coyote Linux the Menu;

                Coyote Linux Gateway -- Configuration Menu

  1) Edit main configuration file         2) Change system password
  3) Edit rc.local script file            4) Custom firewall rules file
  5) Edit firewall configuration          6) Edit port forward configuration

  c) Show running configuration           f) Reload firewall
  r) Reboot system                        w) Write configuration to disk

  q) Exit Menu                            l) Logout

The first thing you must do, is change the root password. Choose 2) Change system password, do so by pressing 2 then press ENTER

Figure 3-15. Changing the Password

You choose a password, minimum 5 characters, maximum 8 characters, which you type twice. Be aware that there is no output to the screen when you type the password, in case someone is looking over your shoulder.

Password changed.
Updating webadmin password...

Press ENTER to return to system menu.

If this is the feedback you get from Coyote Linux, then you have successfully changed the root password.

Since Coyote Linux runs from floppy, and stores everything in RAM, which is lost when you reboot Coyote Linux, you must save this new password to the floppy. Do this by choosing w) Write configuration to disk

Your new password is saved to the Coyote Linux floppy when you see this:

Backup script complete. Press ENTER to return to menu.

All changes you have made to Coyote Linux, are now saved to the floppy.

You can now reboot Coyote Linux, and you will see that the new password is in use. You can reboot Coyote Linux by pressing the ON/OFF-button on your Coyote Linux machine, or by choosing r) Reboot system from the Coyote Linux Menu.

If you have managed to get both network cards working, and Coyote Linux have a network connection, then you don't need to login using the command line anymore. In the future, you can use your web browser to login to Coyote Linux, look at Section 3.7

When choosing q) quit you will end up at the command line in Coyote Linux. If you need to go back to the Coyote Linux Menu, then type menu and press ENTER.

See Section 3.9 for a list of a few useful commands you can use from the command line in Coyote Linux



If you made the Coyote Linux floppy on Windows, then you have already set the root password. So you don't need to do so now, but you must use this password to login to Coyote Linux.