1.3. Inviting a Skolelinux/Debian-edu Knowledgeable Person into Your Computer


The two ways

ssh -l help localhost
ssh help@localhost

are equal.

As long as your Skolelinux/Debian-edu computer has network connection, it possible for someone else to remotely login to your computer with SSH and help you.

First you need to create a user. Refer to Chapter 11 for creating one. In the following, I assume that this newly-created user for this purpose has the username sshhelp. On the machine where your helping hand is logged in, you must also be able to login. Your helping hand must supply you with a username for this purpose; I will assume this username is helper. If the person that is going to help you is logged into a machine with the IP number, then you use the command

ssh helper@ -R 2100:localhost:22

to setup and start an SSH tunnel on port 2100. Your helping hand can use this SSH tunnel to log into your Skolelinux/Debian-edu machine and help you. Now after you have started the SSH tunnel with the command above, your helper will be able to login to your machine with this command issued on his machine

ssh -p 2100 sshhelp@localhost

Please have a look at the manual page for SSH,man ssh, or write man:ssh in the address field in the browser/file manager Konqueror, so that you understand the different options used in the commands above. If you are reading this document online with Konqueror then just click here man:ssh