D.4. Placing Desktop Icons for Several Users Simultaneously

For more information about desktop icons and menus, see Chapter 10

Sometimes it can be nice for all users to have a specific desktop icon. If you have 1000 users, then it's even nicer if you can place that icon on everyone's desktop in one sweep.

All shortcuts are really a file. These files are stored in the directory Desktop in the user's home directory. For example, the file that represents the shortcut to the web browser Mozilla is Mozilla_Navigator.desktop; the contents of the file start with:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Mozilla Navigator
Comment=Mozilla Navigator
This is where you find information about where the program is installed, what kind of icon is used, etc.

For example, if you want everyone to have the icon for OpenOffice.org on their desktop as a shortcut (the file in this case is called textdoc.desktop), then you have to do the following as root:

A File Distributed to All Users Simultaneously