10.2. Automatic Start of Program at Login

There are some programs that your users surely use every time they login. So, it would be nice to be able to automatically start them up at login, instead of having to do it manually every time. This can be done by copying shortcuts to the program into the directory .kde/Autostart which is stored in the user's home directory.

The Autostart-directory is within a "hidden" directory, to be able to see this, you must go to the menu line in the Filemanager, click on View and then on Show Hidden Files.When you are done, you turn off the Show hidden files.

An easy way to get a hold of these short cuts is to first "drag" them from the K-menu by holding down the left mouse button and then "releasing" them on the desktop background, choosing "Copy here". Then you have a so-called shortcut file in the directory Desktop. You copy this file into the directory .kde/Autostart, which will automatically start the program when the user logs on.