2.7. Combined profiles

At the moment there is 5 profiles available when installing Skolelinux/Debian-edu, see Section 5.2, some of these can be combined, some of these can not be combined.

2.7.1. Combi-server, mainserver+ltspserver

It's perfectly possible to combine the profiles mainserver Section 2.2 and ltspserver Section 2.3, so that you can have a fully functional Skolelinux/Debian-edu network with only two machines; combi-server Section 2.7 and a firewall/router Section 2.1. Such a combination of profiles naturally means that you need two networkcards, and plenty of harddrive space.

2.7.2. mainserver with GUI, mainserver+workstation

If the thought of having a mainserver without a GUI, see the sidebar GUI scares you, then you can have it your way (with a GUI) if you install both the mainserver Section 2.2 and workstation Section 2.5

2.7.3. Not all can be combined!


Do not mix any of the network profiles (mainserver, ltspserver or workstation) with any of the standalone profiles (standalone and standalone extra)