2.5. Workstation

The function of this profile is further described in Section 5.2

The hardware requirement for this profile all depends on what you have available, the intended use of the machine, and how fast you want the machine to do things. Unlike the other server profiles such as main server and Thin-client server, this profile is mainly to be used by one user at a time, so making a "bad" hardware choice will only affect one user.

You will need a hard drive with a minimum size of about 1700MB plus 4 times the amount of RAM in the machine. There is no need for a big hard drive in this machine, unless you plan to use it as an external backup server TODO the sidebar To-do. If you do have a really big hard drive in this machine, and would like to put it to good use, you could add another lv to the machine, and use it to save big files such as video, images, ISO-images, see Section 8.5.8


If you have a rather small hard drive, but plenty of RAM, maybe as much as 940MB, then the swap partition alone would end up being almost 2GB big. If you think this is too much, then you can lower the amount of RAM that the installer sees by booting with the option

Press F1 for help, or Enter to boot:linux mem=64m

when you install Skolelinux/Debian-edu. This way the installer only sees 64MB of RAM, and will only make a 128MB big swap partition, see Figure 6-1. It is only during the first stage of installation that this low amount of RAM is seen by the system. Later all available RAM is visible and in use, but maybe you need to install a HIGHMEM-enabled kernel, see Section 8.4


It's also possible during installation to decide what size partitions the automatic partitioning will make. Have a look in directory /etc/autopartkit/ during install, use ALT-F2 and the editor nano to edit those files. Note: this is for advanced users only.