3.12. Supported network card and Driver Modules Used

3.12.1. Supported network card and Driver Modules Used

This is the list of driver modules included with Coyote Linux. All of the driver modules for network cards are also listed.

tjener:~/coyote# ls  data/kernel/drivers/
3c501.o     eth16i.o               ne.o
3c503.o     ewrk3.o                ni5010.o
3c505.o     fealnx.o               ni52.o
3c507.o     forcedeth.o            ni65.o
3c509.o     hp100.o                pcnet32.o
3c515.o     hp.o                   ppp_async.o
3c59x.o     hp-plus.o              ppp_deflate.o
8139cp.o    ip_conntrack_amanda.o  ppp_generic.o
8139too.o   ip_conntrack_egg.o     pppoe.o
82596.o     ip_conntrack_ftp.o     pppox.o
8390.o      ip_conntrack_h323.o    ppp_synctty.o
ac3200.o    ip_conntrack_irc.o     sch_htb.o
amd8111e.o  ip_conntrack_mms.o     sch_ingress.o
at1700.o    ip_conntrack_quake3.o  sch_sfq.o
b44.o       ip_conntrack_rtsp.o    sis900.o
bridge.o    ip_conntrack_tftp.o    slhc.o
bsd_comp.o  ip_nat_amanda.o        smc9194.o
cls_fw.o    ip_nat_cuseeme.o       smc-ultra.o
cls_u32.o   ip_nat_ftp.o           softdog.o
cs89x0.o    ip_nat_h323.o          starfire.o
de4x5.o     ip_nat_irc.o           sundance.o
depca.o     ip_nat_mms.o           tlan.o
dgrs.o      ip_nat_quake3.o        tulip.o
dmfe.o      ip_nat_rtsp.o          typhoon.o
e100.o      ip_nat_tftp.o          via-rhine.o
e2100.o     lance.o                wd.o
eepro100.o  lp486e.o               winbond-840.o
eepro.o     mii.o                  zlib_deflate.o
eexpress.o  natsemi.o              zlib_inflate.o
epic100.o   ne2k-pci.o

3.12.2. The Special Case of 3Com 509 ISA network card

This is a very popular network card. My Coyote Linux has two of them, both produced in 1989, and running continuously for about 3 years in my Coyote Linux. Once you have managed to get them running, they will probably run for a long time. It's just a bit difficult sometimes to get them running.

They are ISA type, which means their IO, IRQ and such must be configured by hand, not automatically, which can be quite a challenge, especially if you use two of them in a machine.

The IO and IRQ on these cards must be configured with a old DOS-configuration program, which can be a bit hard to find these days.

This DOS-configuration program is called 3c5x9cfg.exe, and you use it like this;

  1. Boot the machine into DOS, either MS-DOS or Freedos, or any other DOS variant. Using a W95 or W98 boot floppy is one way of doing it.

  2. Once the machine is in DOS, insert the floppy with the program 3c5x9cfg.exe, and run it by typing 3c5x9cfg.exe using the DOS command line.

  3. Once 3c5x9cfg.exe is started, then with each of your 3c509 network card, configure them with the option 'auto'


There have been reports of problems with two 3c509's in the same machine when one of the cards is a combo type, which is a type of card that has several different types of network connectors.

It's possible to find 3c5x9cfg.exe here: Ruprecht-Karls-Universitšt Heidelberg