Chapter 12. Configuration/Use of the Most Used Programs

12.1. Konqueror, File Manager

You find the file manager in K-menu->Home Directory

Your home directory is that part of the hard drive where your files are stored. The symbol for your home directory is a house.

The file manager is, in fact, a web browser called Konqueror. In its current version, Konqueror is not a very good web browser. However, it does function great as a file manager.

I think it's nice to "see" what I've got in my files, by going to the menuView->Preview and by clicking on, for example, "Images",then you can see things a bit more clearly.

You can create new directories/folders by right-clicking somewhere in the background of the file manager. Then a menu pops up where you then choose "Create New" and "Directory". If you want to move a file into another directory, then you can simply "drag" it over to the directory in question by holding the left mouse button down while moving the file over to the directory, then releasing the button when you are over the directory. Alternatively, you can press the right mouse button (that is, right-click) on the file you want to move and a menu pops up. Click on Cut, then find the directory you want to move the file to, right-click on that directory and another menu pops up. Choose Paste and the file is transferred.

Sometimes it's good to be able to see the contents of two directories simultaneously. You can make this happen by choosing Window->Split View Left/Right. Then you can easily move files in a clear manner between directories.