Appendix G. To-do list

  1. Installing FreeNX

  2. Adding info about using ssh into a qemu-image

  3. Adding info about booting ltsp-client in qemu

  4. Allowing some users to change password in ldap of other users

  5. kpackage as gui-tool for managing packages

  6. Make usbstick work on thinclients

  7. Maybe make floppy work on thinclients

  8. Make sound work on thinclients

  9. Documenting setting up a mail client, connecting to postoffice

  10. More on the different services of webmin

  11. More on bind/DNS

  12. Adding a printer via kprint, print:/

  13. Add a section on installing via netboot

  14. Should have new-gloassry list in each chaper/section

  15. Installing Skolelinux/Debian-edu on Fujitsu Siemens SATA based Econell50 and Econell200, using Linux software raid

  16. Installing Skolelinux/Debian-edu on Fujitsu Siemens SCSI based Primergy TX150, TX200, RX300 including monitoring of onboard raid.

  17. Using digital camera