Skolelinux projects

This page gives and overview of all the projects that Skolelinux facilitates in some way or another


Developer page

Status page



OpenOffice foundation

Stil not operational

OpenOffice translation to nynorsk and bokmål; (Norwegian)

contact overview (Norwegian)

user forum (Norwegian)

Translation of user applications (KDE/GNOME) nn, nb, sme

The Norwegian i18n project page

get started

Norwegian spell-checker and word-list in OOo and user appl.

The Norwegian ispell-dictionary home page

runekl(at)math uio no


CVS-directory on the web

Documentation (day-to-day operation, course-ware, etc.)

CVS-directory on the web



Running and maintenance of the Skolelinux developer-environment (servers, web, e-mail lists, cvs etc.)

Maintenance page

drift(at)skolelinux no

Developer gatherings


Advisory service, Competence centre, EPITS (Norwegian: OPIOS) (education, projecting, introducing, training, supporting)

Recruiting and follow-up (mentoring, champion program etc).

ICT-operation concept with Skolelinux (contracts, roles, personnel, customer service, gatherings).

Ila primary school (math lab and digital competence).

Product development (with testing and bug fixing).

Developer page

Mailing lists

Contribution to the Skolelinux user organisation

Bilateral contract with commercial and non-commercial with partner

School applications

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