Pre-project phase

In the pre-project we have spent most of the time planning the project and the software, learning what we will need to know and making throw-away prototypes to tackle and eliminate risks. We have looked into test first frameworks, GStreamer, NMM, Qt, SDL, STL, KDevelop and MIME in this phase and evaluated how we can use these technologies and softwares in the project. We have also designed most of the architecture and written some of it.

The main deliverable from this phase is the pre-project report, which defines the project and the project plan. It also contains the first cut of the requirements specification but the lates requirement documents can be found at the documentation page.

Observer architecture prototype (Java)

This prototype was made to test out the model-view seperation in our architecture. From this prototype we learned that the architecture was sensible, as well as how to best implement it in the final product.


Application GUI prototype

This prototype was made to experiment with the Qt and SDL and to gain insight into how the application user interface can best be made. It was meant as an early example on how the GUI can be, so that we could get fast feedback from the community before investing time in a more advanced GUI. From this prototype we learned alot about Qt, Qt layouts and how to integrate SDL into Qt.


Drag and drop prototype

The drag and drop prototype demonstrate how drag and drop can work in the application. This prototype gave us insight into how this could best be implemented in the final product.