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Todo List

Member CameraHandler::~CameraHandler ()
add cleanup code for gstreamer components

Member ExternalChangeMonitor::ExternalChangeMonitor ()
uniform most of the getenv("home") calls so that it is done once and pasted around.

Member Frame::addSound (const char *filename)
check audio type (ogg, mp3, wav ...)

Member FrameBar::setSelection (int selectionFrame)
change name to setSelectionFrame
selectionFrame the other border frame of the selection in addition to activeFrame

Member FrameBar::setSelection (int selectionFrame)
Make the loop who clears the borders more effective so that it only clears the borders needing clearing and not everything. And there other loops don't have to paint the activeFrame anew.

Member FrameThumbView::contentsDropped (QDropEvent *event)
FIXME this doesn't work between applications of this type because of the if-check (event->source() != 0).

Member FrameThumbView::paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)
the string should perhaps be cached away

Member FrameView::updateAnimationChanged (int frameNumber)
Fix the way it checs for change. Only applies to gimp.

Member GstVideoView::initCamera ()
perform cleanup pf the elements

exhange imageCaptureBin for a snapshot plugin to remove the crashes which occurs sometimes when capturing the first frames.

Member MainWindowGUI::keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *k)
change so that CTRL+A instead of just A selects all the frames.

Member SceneThumbView::paintEvent (QPaintEvent *p)
the width can be cached somewhere so that the function width() don't have to be called for every frame and scene thumbview.

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