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ThumbView Class Reference

#include <thumbview.h>

Inheritance diagram for ThumbView:

FrameThumbView SceneThumbView SceneThumbView List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 ThumbView (FrameBar *frameBar, QWidget *parent, int number, const char *name=0)
 ~ThumbView ()
virtual void setNumber (int number)
int getNumber ()
virtual void setHasSounds (bool hasSounds)
virtual void setSelected (bool selected)
virtual void setOpened (bool isOpened)
virtual void contentsDropped (QDropEvent *event)
virtual void resizeThumb (int height)

Protected Attributes

int number
QPoint dragPos

Detailed Description

This abstract class represents the thumbviews in the framebar. It has two subclasses: the FrameThumbView and the SceneThumbView.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ThumbView::ThumbView FrameBar frameBar,
QWidget *  parent,
int  number,
const char *  name = 0

Creates and sets up the thumbview class.

frameBar the framebar for communicating.
parent the parent widget.
number the number of this thumbview in the framebar.

ThumbView::~ThumbView  ) 

Cleans up after the widget.

Member Function Documentation

void ThumbView::contentsDropped QDropEvent *  event  )  [virtual]

Notifies the thumbview that a drop have happened inside its borders.

The reason it doesn't accept it itself is that the framebar need the information so that it can autoscroll.

event information about the event.

Reimplemented in FrameThumbView, and SceneThumbView.

int ThumbView::getNumber  ) 

Retrieves the number of this ThumbView in the framebar

the number for this ThumbView in the framebar

void ThumbView::resizeThumb int  height  )  [virtual]

Resizes the thumbview.

height the new height of the widget.

Reimplemented in FrameThumbView, and SceneThumbView.

void ThumbView::setHasSounds bool  hasSounds  )  [virtual]

Abstract function for telling a framethumbview that it has one or more sounds attatched to it.

hasSounds true if the frame has one or more sounds attatched to it.

Reimplemented in FrameThumbView.

void ThumbView::setNumber int  number  )  [virtual]

Function to set the number of this ThumbView in the framebar when the ThumbView change position.

number the new number for the ThumbView in the framebar.

Reimplemented in FrameThumbView.

void ThumbView::setOpened bool  isOpened  )  [virtual]

Abstract function for telling a scenethumbview whether the scene is opened or closed

isOpened true if the scene is opened.

Reimplemented in SceneThumbView, and SceneThumbView.

void ThumbView::setSelected bool  selected  )  [virtual]

Sets whether a framethumbview should be marked as selected.

selected whether this framethumbview should be showed as selected.

Reimplemented in FrameThumbView.

Member Data Documentation

QPoint ThumbView::dragPos [protected]

Coordinate for calculating when a drag should start to give some slack

FrameBar* ThumbView::frameBar [protected]

The framebar for communicating with it

int ThumbView::number [protected]

The number this frame has in the framebar

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