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SoundHandler Class Reference

#include <soundhandler.h>

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Public Slots

void addSound ()
void removeSound ()
void setSoundName ()


void soundsChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 SoundHandler (QObject *parent=0, QStatusBar *sb=0, const char *homeDir=0, const char *name=0)
void setSoundsList (QListBox *soundsList)

Detailed Description

This class handles request related to sounds (adding, removing, etc).

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoundHandler::SoundHandler QObject *  parent = 0,
QStatusBar *  sb = 0,
const char *  homeDir = 0,
const char *  name = 0

Creates and initializes the Soundhandler.

parent the parent of the soundhandler.
sb a statusbar for displaying status information to the user.
homeDir the home directory of the user.
name the name of the soundhandler

Member Function Documentation

void SoundHandler::addSound  )  [slot]

Attatches a sound to a frame in the animation.

void SoundHandler::removeSound  )  [slot]

Removes a sound from a frame in the animation.

void SoundHandler::setSoundName  )  [slot]

Sets the name of a sound in a frame in the animation.

void SoundHandler::setSoundsList QListBox *  soundsList  ) 

Add the soundsList to the handler so that it can be cleared and filled as needed.

soundsList the listbox to add to the handler.

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