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QtFrontend Class Reference

#include <qtfrontend.h>

Inheritance diagram for QtFrontend:

Frontend List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 QtFrontend (int argc, char **argv)
virtual ~QtFrontend ()
int run (int argc, char **argv)
void showProgress (const char *infoText, unsigned int numOperations=0)
void hideProgress ()
void updateProgress (int numOperationsDone)
void setProgressInfo (const char *infoText)
bool isOperationAborted ()
void processEvents ()
void reportError (const char *message, int id)
int askQuestion (const char *question)

Protected Slots

void updateProgressBar ()

Detailed Description

Frontend for using the program through a GUI developed with the QT library.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QtFrontend::QtFrontend int  argc,
char **  argv

Initializing the frontend.

argc the argc argument from the environment through main
argv argv the argv arguments from the environment through main

QtFrontend::~QtFrontend  )  [virtual]

Deallocates allocated memory and sets the pointers to NULL.

Member Function Documentation

int QtFrontend::askQuestion const char *  question  )  [virtual]

Function for asking the user a yes/no question.

question the question to ask
0 if the user answer yes, 1 if no

Implements Frontend.

void QtFrontend::hideProgress  )  [virtual]

Function for hiding the progress info.

Implements Frontend.

bool QtFrontend::isOperationAborted  )  [virtual]

Function for checking if the user has aborted the operation (eg pressed cancel)

true if the the operation is aborted, false otherwise

Implements Frontend.

void QtFrontend::processEvents  )  [virtual]

Function for processing Qt events. This is useful on timeconsuming operations which aren't running in separate processes or threads.

Implements Frontend.

void QtFrontend::reportError const char *  message,
int  id

Function for reporting an error to the user. It has two categories of errors; warning and critical.

message the error message to display to the user
id kind of error; 0 for warning, 1 for critical

Implements Frontend.

int QtFrontend::run int  argc,
char **  argv

The run function for starting the application.

argc the argc argument from the environment through main.
argv the argv arguments from the environment through main.
the return status on exit

Implements Frontend.

void QtFrontend::setProgressInfo const char *  infoText  )  [virtual]

Function for changing the information to display to the user

infoText the text to display to the user

Implements Frontend.

void QtFrontend::showProgress const char *  infoText,
unsigned int  numOperations = 0

Function for displaying progress on timeconsuming operations.

infoText the text to display to the user
numOperations the number of calculated operations to do

Implements Frontend.

void QtFrontend::updateProgress int  numOperationsDone  )  [virtual]

Function for updating the progress.

numOperationsDone the number of operations done

Implements Frontend.

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