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Observer Member List

This is the complete list of members for Observer, including all inherited members.

updateAdd(const vector< char * > &frames, unsigned int index, Frontend *frontend)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateAnimationChanged(int frameNumber)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateClear()=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateMove(unsigned int fromFrame, unsigned int toFrame, unsigned int movePosition)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateMoveScene(int sceneNumber, int movePosition)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateNewActiveFrame(int frameNumber)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateNewActiveScene(int sceneNumber, vector< char * > framePaths, Frontend *frontend)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateNewScene(int index)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updatePlayFrame(int frameNumber)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateRemove(unsigned int fromFrame, unsigned int toFrame)=0Observer [pure virtual]
updateRemoveScene(int sceneNumber)=0Observer [pure virtual]

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