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ModelHandler Class Reference

#include <modelhandler.h>

List of all members.

Public Slots

void chooseFrame ()
void addFrame (const QString &fileName)
void removeFrames ()
void addFrames (const QStringList &fileNames)
void newScene ()
void removeScene ()


void modelChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 ModelHandler (QObject *parent=0, QStatusBar *sb=0, FrameBar *frameBar=0, ExternalChangeMonitor *changeMonitor=0, char *lastVisitedDir=0, const char *name=0)
 ~ModelHandler ()
void setRemoveFramesButton (QPushButton *removeFramesButton)

Detailed Description

This class handles request related to adding, removing and moving things in the model.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ModelHandler::ModelHandler QObject *  parent = 0,
QStatusBar *  sb = 0,
FrameBar frameBar = 0,
ExternalChangeMonitor changeMonitor = 0,
char *  lastVisitedDir = 0,
const char *  name = 0

Creates and initializes the ModelHander.

parent the parent of the ModelHander.
sb a statusbar for displaying status information to the user.
frameBar the framebar containing the thumbnails
lastVisitedDir the last visited directory
name the name of the ModelHander

ModelHandler::~ModelHandler  ) 

Cleans up after the modelhandler.

Member Function Documentation

void ModelHandler::addFrame const QString &  fileName  )  [slot]

Adds the file fileName to the animation throught the use of addFrames(QStringList).

fileName the file to be added to the animation.

void ModelHandler::addFrames const QStringList &  fileNames  )  [slot]

Adds the files to the animation.

fileNames the files to be added to the animation

void ModelHandler::chooseFrame  )  [slot]

Brings up a dialog so that the user can choose a file to load.

void ModelHandler::modelChanged  )  [signal]

Notified when the model is changed.

void ModelHandler::newScene  )  [slot]

Creates a new scene. This will be added after the selected frame.

void ModelHandler::removeFrames  )  [slot]

Removes the currently selected frame from the animation.

void ModelHandler::removeScene  )  [slot]

Removes the active scene.

void ModelHandler::setRemoveFramesButton QPushButton *  removeFramesButton  ) 

Function for seting the button used for removing frames. This button is needed for checking if it is enabled when attempting to remove frames with the delete key.

removeFramesButton the button used for removing frames.

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