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ImageGrabThread Class Reference

#include <imagegrabthread.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ImageGrabThread (FrameView *frameView, ImageGrabber *grabber)
void run ()
bool wasGrabbingSuccess ()

Detailed Description

Thread used for polling an external program to update the camera. Only used for polling, not for when the camera is running in deamon mode.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImageGrabThread::ImageGrabThread FrameView frameView,
ImageGrabber grabber

Constructs and initializes the object.

frameView the frame view to be used for displaying images
grabber the grabber to use be used for grabbing images

Member Function Documentation

void ImageGrabThread::run  ) 

Displays the images grabbed with the registered grabber. These are displayed one after one and it looks like we are streaming live from the camera.

bool ImageGrabThread::wasGrabbingSuccess  ) 

Checks if last grabbing was successfull.

true if last grabbing was success, false otherwise

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