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FrameView Class Reference

#include <frameview.h>

Inheritance diagram for FrameView:

VideoView Observer List of all members.

Public Slots

void redraw ()
void nextPlayBack ()

Public Member Functions

 FrameView (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, int playbackSpeed=10)
 ~FrameView ()
void setWidescreenRatio ()
void setNormalRatio ()
void updateAdd (const vector< char * > &frames, unsigned int, Frontend *)
void updateRemove (unsigned int, unsigned int)
void updateMove (unsigned int fromFrame, unsigned int toFrame, unsigned int movePosition)
void updateNewActiveFrame (int frameNumber)
void updateClear ()
void updatePlayFrame (int frameNumber)
void updateNewScene (int index)
void updateRemoveScene (int sceneNumber)
void updateMoveScene (int sceneNumber, int movePosition)
void updateNewActiveScene (int sceneNumber, vector< char * > frames, Frontend *frontend)
void updateAnimationChanged (int frameNumber)
bool on ()
void off ()
bool setViewMode (int mode)
int getViewMode ()
void setPlaybackSpeed (int playbackSpeed)
void capture ()

Protected Member Functions

void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)

Detailed Description

Widget for viewing the frames in the animation using SDL. This widget also serves as videoview widget for displaying video from an external source by grabbing through the harddrive.

Note: I'm considering redesigning the entire framework around this class, both to make it more intuiative and to work with dynamic plugins for filters such as onionskinning, diffing, you name it! (plugins are cool) =) However this is not very important and is left for a weekend where i'm bored :p

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FrameView::FrameView QWidget *  parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0,
int  playbackSpeed = 10

Creates and initializes the frameview.

parent the parent widget.
name the name of this widget.
playbackSpeed which speed the playback has to be played in if the playback mode is choosen

FrameView::~FrameView  ) 

Cleans up after the frameview.

Member Function Documentation

void FrameView::capture  )  [virtual]

When a new frame is captured this function is notified and updates the vector of cached frames for the mixing

Reimplemented from VideoView.

int FrameView::getViewMode  )  [virtual]

Returns the view mode.

the view mode.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::nextPlayBack  )  [slot]

Function for performing playbacks. Will call redraw with regular intervals.

void FrameView::off  )  [virtual]

Turns off the webcamera/video import mode.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

bool FrameView::on  )  [virtual]

Turns on the webcamera/video import mode.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::redraw  )  [slot]

Draws the next frame from the camera.

void FrameView::setNormalRatio  ) 

Sets the view to 16:9 format.

void FrameView::setPlaybackSpeed int  playbackSpeed  )  [virtual]

Sets the speed for the playback.

playbackSpeed the speed to be setted

Reimplemented from VideoView.

bool FrameView::setViewMode int  mode  )  [virtual]

Sets the viewing mode/type of effect used when displaying the video.

mode the type of effect to be showed on the video. The modes are:
0: Image mixing/onion skinning
1: Image differentiating
2: Playback
true if the mode was succesfully changed

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::setWidescreenRatio  ) 

Sets the view to 4:3 format.

void FrameView::updateAdd const vector< char * > &  frames,
unsigned  int,

Function to recieven notification when a frame is added.

frames paths to the frames

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updateAnimationChanged int  frameNumber  )  [virtual]

Updates the frameview when an external program has altered the disk files.

frameNumber the frame whose disk representation has been changed.

Implements Observer.

void FrameView::updateClear  )  [virtual]

Function to receive notification when the model is erased.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updateMove unsigned int  fromFrame,
unsigned int  toFrame,
unsigned int  movePosition

Function to recieve notification when one or more frames are moved.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updateMoveScene int  sceneNumber,
int  movePosition

Function which recieve notification when a scene in the animation has been moved.

sceneNumber the scene which have been moved.
movePosition the position the scene has been moved to.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updateNewActiveFrame int  frameNumber  )  [virtual]

Function to recieve notification when a new frame is selected.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updateNewActiveScene int  sceneNumber,
vector< char * >  frames,
Frontend frontend

Function which recieves notification when a scene is selected as the active scene in the animationmodel.

sceneNumber the new active scene.
frames paths to the pictures in the scene.
frontend the frontend for getting a progressbar when adding opening the new active scene.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updateNewScene int  index  )  [virtual]

Function to recieve notification when a new scene is added to the model.

index the index of the new scene.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updatePlayFrame int  frameNumber  )  [virtual]

Function to recieve notification when a frame is to be played.

frameNumber the frame to be played

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updateRemove unsigned  int,
unsigned  int

Function to recieve notification when one or more frames are deleted.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

void FrameView::updateRemoveScene int  sceneNumber  )  [virtual]

Function to recueve notification when a scene is removed from the model.

sceneNumber the scene which has been removed from the model.

Reimplemented from VideoView.

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