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FrameThumbView Class Reference

#include <framethumbview.h>

Inheritance diagram for FrameThumbView:

ThumbView List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 FrameThumbView (FrameBar *frameBar, QWidget *parent=0, int number=0, const char *name=0)
 ~FrameThumbView ()
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *me)
void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
void setNumber (int number)
void setHasSounds (bool hasSounds)
void setSelected (bool selected)
virtual void contentsDropped (QDropEvent *event)
virtual void resizeThumb (int height)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)

Detailed Description

Widget representing a frame in the animation.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FrameThumbView::FrameThumbView FrameBar frameBar,
QWidget *  parent = 0,
int  number = 0,
const char *  name = 0

Creates and sets up the framethumbview.

frameBar the framebar for communicating with it.
parent the parent widget.
number the number of this widget in the framebar.

FrameThumbView::~FrameThumbView  ) 

Cleans up after the widget.

Member Function Documentation

void FrameThumbView::contentsDropped QDropEvent *  event  )  [virtual]

Notifies the framethumbview that a drop have happened inside its borders.

event information about the event.

Reimplemented from ThumbView.

void FrameThumbView::mouseDoubleClickEvent QMouseEvent *  e  ) 

Overloaded event function to recieve events when the user double clicks in the thumbview. Double clicks here cause the preferences menu for this frame to be shown.

e information about the mouseDoubleClickEvent.

void FrameThumbView::mouseMoveEvent QMouseEvent *  me  ) 

Overloaded event function to recieve mouseMoveEvents.

me information about the mouseMoveEvent.

void FrameThumbView::mousePressEvent QMouseEvent *  e  ) 

Overloaded event function to recieve mousepress-events.

e information about the mousepress-event.

void FrameThumbView::mouseReleaseEvent QMouseEvent *  e  ) 

Overloaded event function to recieve mouserelease-events.

e information about the mouserelease-event.

void FrameThumbView::paintEvent QPaintEvent *   )  [protected, virtual]

Event function which paints the widget.

void FrameThumbView::resizeThumb int  height  )  [virtual]

Resizes the framethumbviwe.

height the new height of the widget.

Reimplemented from ThumbView.

void FrameThumbView::setHasSounds bool  hasSounds  )  [virtual]

Sets whether this widget has sounds.


Reimplemented from ThumbView.

void FrameThumbView::setNumber int  number  )  [virtual]

Sets/changes the number of this widget.

number the new number of this widget.

Reimplemented from ThumbView.

void FrameThumbView::setSelected bool  selected  )  [virtual]

Sets whether this thumbview should be selected.

selected whether this frame is selected.

Reimplemented from ThumbView.

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