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ExternalChangeMonitor Class Reference

#include <externalchangemonitor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ExternalChangeMonitor ()
 ~ExternalChangeMonitor ()
void changeWorkDirectory (const char *workDirectory)
void startMonitoring ()
void stopMonitoring ()
void suspendMonitor ()
void resumeMonitor ()

Detailed Description

Class for listening after changes to the disc representation of the animationmodel.

The class use FAM (File Alteration Monitor) register for changes in the project directories.

The use of the QSocketNotifier adds the monitoring of the FAM to the Qt main event loop and is documented at: FAM is documented many places most notably in the FAM man page.

Bjoern Erik Nilsen & Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ExternalChangeMonitor::ExternalChangeMonitor  ) 

Initializes the ExternalChangeMonitor and registers the animationModel to notify of changes when the disk representation of the animation is changed

ExternalChangeMonitor::~ExternalChangeMonitor  ) 

Calls stopMonitoring and cleans up.

Member Function Documentation

void ExternalChangeMonitor::changeWorkDirectory const char *  workDirectory  ) 

Register the current workdirectory for monitorng.

workDirectory the workDirectory to listen for changes in.

void ExternalChangeMonitor::resumeMonitor  ) 

Resumes monitoring the directories.

void ExternalChangeMonitor::startMonitoring  ) 

Creates a FAM connection to the project directories and starts a thread which polls the FAM connection for changes in the tmp directory.

To register the working project directory for monitoring also call changeWorkDirectory

void ExternalChangeMonitor::stopMonitoring  ) 

Stops the thread polling the FAM connection and tears the connection down.

void ExternalChangeMonitor::suspendMonitor  ) 

Suspends the monitoring until resumeMonitor() is called.

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