Stopmotion is available from the official Debian repository (testing/unstable).
Type the following command to install: apt-get install stopmotion

Mandriva Cooker users can install the package from the Mandriva archive with: urpmi stopmotion. Mandriva Linux 2006.0 users can install the package from the Mandriva archive using the same command as long as they have the community contribs source defined. The 2006.0 package is also available for download below. Then run “urpmi stopmotion” to install.

Other RPM based distributions
Use the source RPM to build a valid binary RPM for your distribution.
This can easily be done with: rpm --rebuild source_package.rpm.
Then use your distro specific install command, or rpm -ivh, to install the package.

2008-07-25: stopmotion-0.6.2 deb(i386) tar.gz
2008-05-09: stopmotion-0.6.1 deb(i386) tar.gz
2007-02-25: stopmotion-0.6.0 deb(i386) tar.gz
2007-02-05: stopmotion-0.5.6 deb(i386) tar.gz
2007-01-06: stopmotion-0.5.5 deb(i386) tar.gz
2007-01-04: stopmotion-0.5.4 deb(i386) tar.gz
2006-06-24: stopmotion-0.5.3 deb(i386) tar.gz
2006-06-04: stopmotion-0.5.2 deb(i386) tar.gz
2006-05-05: stopmotion-0.5.1 deb(i386) tar.gz
2006-04-18: stopmotion-0.5.0 deb(i386) tar.gz
2006-03-05: stopmotion-0.4.1 deb(i386) mdk(i586 Mandriva 2006.0) rpm(source) tar.gz
2006-02-10: stopmotion-0.4.0 deb(i386) mdk(i586 Mandriva 2006.0) rpm(source) tar.gz
2006-01-22: stopmotion-0.3.4 deb(i386) mdk(i586 Mandriva 2006.0) rpm(source) tar.gz
2006-01-07: stopmotion-0.3.3 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-09-13: stopmotion-0.3.2 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-07-31: stopmotion-0.3.1 deb(i386) mdk(i586 Mandriva 10.2) rpm(source) tar.gz
2005-05-18: stopmotion-0.3.0 deb(i386) mdk(i586 Mandriva 10.2) rpm(source) tar.gz
2005-05-02: stopmotion-0.3pre.1 deb(i386) deb(powerpc) tar.gz
2005-04-28: stopmotion-0.3pre.0 deb(i386) deb(powerpc) tar.gz
2005-04-27: stopmotion-0.pre3.4 deb(i386) deb(powerpc) tar.gz
2005-04-24: stopmotion-0.pre3.3 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-04-24: stopmotion-0.pre3.2 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-04-23: stopmotion-0.pre3.1 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-04-21: stopmotion-0.pre3.0 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-03-30: stopmotion-0.2.0 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-03-13: stopmotion-0.1.1 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-02-28: stopmotion-0.1.0 deb(i386) tar.gz
2005-02-10: stopmotion-0.0.1 deb(i386) tar.gz

Anonymous checkout of the project:
svn checkout svn://svn.skolelinux.org/skolelinux/trunk/www/developer.skolelinux.no/

Example animations
The audience on the Eureka prize seremony. avi sto
The audience on a presentation of Stopmotion. avi sto
Showdown aka “A typical torsdagskro”. avi sto
Chop sto
Escape sto
Fight sto
Sidekick sto
Tuxdance sto

Pre-project report (including the requirement specification)
Project report

2006 Stopmotion Designed by: webdezign.no