25.07.08 New release available
This release fixes crashes which occasionally occurred on particular systems, adds a new filesystem watcher based on inotify-tools, updates the Italian translation, and chooses the default translation based on the system locale.

09.05.08 New release available
A new release is available in the download section. Go get it and have fun!

25.02.07 Gimp button
Our newest release contains a button that one can use to launch The GIMP. This is very convenient in case you want to edit an image. Just hit the button and you're there. Note that you can also drag images from the frame bar and drop them on The GIMP.

05.02.07 New release
We have finally found time to fix some evil segfaults after recovery and in some cases when reading the preferences file. Please let us know if you still have problems.

04.01.07 Happy New Year!
We would like to give you a good start on 2007, so we have made a new release available for you. Out-of-sync issues are now fixed and new translations are added. A brand new import option for dvgrab is also added. Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounters any bugs or simply want to contribute in some way. Enjoy!

21.11.06 We won the Rosing Student Award!
This is amazing, we actually managed to win the prestigious Rosing 2006 student award. Thank you to all of you who have contributed in some way, we really appreciate your work. Keep going, this is great! Open Source rocks!

11.11.06 Stopmotion in the final for Rosing Award
Stopmotion made it to the final for the prestigious Rosing 2006 student award. The jury has selected three candidates which will compete for the award. The winner will be presented at the annual Rosing conference the 20th of November. May the best win! Good luck to ya all!

04.06.06 New release available
A new release containing automatic detection and setup of v4l devices is now available in the download section. Do not hesitate to report bugs or other things you might think is strange behavior. Enjoy and have a nice day!

30.05.06 Auto-detection of v4l devices
To make it easier to use Stopmotion for less experienced users, a brand new feature is now almost complete. Auto-detection of devices has considerable effect on the potential for the application to work “out of the box” the very first time you run it. Stopmotion will in fact do that with the new feature implemented, given that the device and vgrabbj -- which is the default import option -- are properly installed.

A new release will hopefully be available very soon.

18.04.06 New release available
The Qt4 port is finally complete and available in the download section. Do not hesitate to report bugs or other things you might think is strange behavior. Enjoy and have a nice day!

28.03.06 The Qt4 port is complete!
The port is now complete (in meaning of Qt3 independant), but few bugs have to be fixed before it can be released.

19.03.06 Porting to Qt4
Porting from Qt3 to Qt4 is now in progress and a brand new Qt4 based version will hopefully be released very soon. If you want to check out the current version of the port, take a look at the stopmotion-qt4 branch in the repository. Be aware of that this is very unstable at the moment.

10.02.06 Congratulation!
One year has gone since we released the first version of Stopmotion. We're gaining more and more users and the project is still alive. Very happy about that.

And of course, since this is a remarkable day, a new release can be found at the downloadpage.

02.02.06 A new website is up and running!
Thanks to Lars Einar Høisveen for giving the website a face-lift.

30.09.05 We won the 1st prize of “Eurekaprisen“
This is a prize which is hand out yearly by Gjøvik University College to three of the best student projects. Stopmotion was considered to be the best one this year :-).
A small video of the audience can be found here. (poor quality)

28.05.05 Example animation
We have created a 2:30 minutes long example animation (Showdown.mpg) to demonstrate Stopmotion in use. The sound has been created using Audacity and added using ffmpeg.
You can find the animation in the Download section or here.

20.05.05 Stopmotion is now included into the Mandriva Linux Cooker distribution
Stopmotion is doing good these days; everything seems to work well and the people wants our software. Stopmotion is now available from the Mandriva Cooker archive. Other RPM users can also install the program with few actions. Look at the download section for more information about this.
Thanks to Eskild Hustvedt for building the RPM packages!

11.05.05 Stopmotion has now entered the Debian APT repository!
The ceiling in our office is showing damages from flying champagne korks these days. Stopmotion entered the Debian apt repository this weekend and is slowly making its way from the testing to the unstable repository
Unfortunately we were too late to be included in the Sarge release, but as long as the users can get us easily it doesn't matter.
So everyone: apt-get install stopmotion!

22.04.05 The 0.3 prerelease is out!
The Stopmotion 0.3 prerelease is now out and has several new feature such as a new look and feel, video export, modes for creating smooth and precise movement, new bugfixes and better video import features.
We ask that people download and test it as we hope to make the 0.3 final as bug free as possible. The new release can be downloaded from the download page.

30.03.05 Entering the fifth iteration
We are now entering the fifth and final iteration, and will attempt to reach feature complete at the end of it. We will hopefully enter string and feature freeze at the end of this iteration so that the testers and translators can work in peace.
The complete plan for this iteration can be found here, while the new release can be found at the download page.

25.03.05 New screenshots showing many of the features of Stopmotion
The screenshot section has been updated with new screenshots showing the basic concepts of stopmotion.
Go to the Screenshots section to see them.

14.03.05 The third iteration is finished and a new release is available
The third iteration ended with a new release (v0.1.1) containing bugfixes from previous release and a brand new file format. Unfortunately the old file format is not compatible with the new one. If you have created an animation with a previous release, you can convert it to the new file format with creating a new project and adding the images in the 'images'-directory, then save.
The fourth iteration has now started and the iteration plan can be found at the progress page.

28.02.05 0.1.0 release
The 0.1.0 release is now here with a new set of features working at different levels. Our project still seems to go smoothly, but we are starting to run out of things to do, and would ask everyone to send suggestions to us.
The third iteration has now started and the iterationplan will soon be available at the progress page.

10.02.05 Alpha release
Alpha release is now available in the download section. Please report bugs as soon as possible so we can fix them and make a better product in next release. This will approximately be within two weeks.

31.01.05 Iteration 1 has started!
Iteration 1 has now started and we are up to full speed.
The weekend developers gathering in oslo was mostly spend developing and we got some new insight into how our program should/could be.

27.01.05 Nearing the end of the pre-project, still having fun.
We have now been working for about 17 days, and are starting to see some results. The pre-project report has been turned in, and some prototypes have been made. We have also completed the first cut at the requirement specification, and some of the architecture of the application have been coded.
This weekend we will be going to oslo to attend our first Skolelinux gathering and on monday the first iteration will comence.

17.01.05 The site is up!
The site is up and the project has finally started! The group is situated in room A034 and the coffeemaker is in full throttle ;-)
Now we can focus on making the best thing since sliced bread.

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