SLX HOWTO: Local floppy drives in a mixed SLX environment

Description: This SLX HOWTO describes how you can enable the local floppy drive for your users no matter which client system they log in to, thin, thick or server.


Install support for remote floppy drives on thin clients

    1. Log in as root on the thin client server in question

    2. Download the package ltsp_floppy here.

    3. Decompress the package, enter the directory and run the install script.

    4. In the [Default] section in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf add the line:

      RCFILE_01 = floppyd

Enable users to mount floppy drives

    1. Log in as root on the thin client server in question

    2. In /etc/devfs/perms change

      REGISTER ^floppy/.*		PERMISSIONS root.floppy 0660
      REGISTER ^floppy/.*		PERMISSIONS root.floppy 0666
    3. Do the same on every workstation

Enable local floppy drive for each user

    1. Log in as root on tjener.intern

    2. Create a script /etc/skel/.kde/Autostart/ with the following content:

      CLIENT=`echo $DISPLAY | tr 0-9 "-" | sed -e s/-.*//`
      if [ $CLIENT = "ltsp" ]; then
        echo 'drive a: file="$DISPLAY" remote 1.44m mformat_only' > ~/.mtoolsrc
        echo 'drive a: file="/dev/floppy/0" 1.44m mformat_only' > ~/.mtoolsrc
    3. Run these commands in a bash shell:

      for dir in /skole/tjener/home0/*;
      do cp /etc/skel/.kde/Autostart/ $dir/.kde/Autostart;
      chown --reference=$dir $dir/.kde/Autostart/;

Unfortunately, you can only read floppies in Konqueror, so either convince all your users not to use floppies, or install the package mtoolsfm to write to floppies.